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Accattone magazine - issue 8 - Reading Room

Accattone / 8

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Accattone #8 addresses matters of construction in relation to time, use, change and technical knowledge against the backdrop of the ‘negative commons’ inherited from the productivist society of the past century – ‘zombie’ habits, desires, products and processes that our contemporary condition can no longer sustain, yet cannot help but reproduce.


With Clément Hébert, Élodie Degavre, DSCTHK (Jérôme André & Thibaut Blondiau), Oliver Burch, Kosmos, Fuminori Nousaku & Mio Tsuneyama, Antoine Angeard & Lise Duchamp, Lars Lerup, Pierre Leguillon and all the 50+ participants in the High Tech Low Tech exhibition at EPFL Lausanne: Accattone with Alice Paris, Julien Jacob, Arnaud Depeyre and Éléonore Morand (Depeyre-Morand Architectures), Rosa Fens and Nomi Schrauwen, Ciel Grommen, Maximiliaan Royakkers and Clémentine Vaultier, Annee Grøtte Viken, Vinh Linh, Thomas Mertens and Jochen Schamelhout (Elmēs) | (b+) | Sammy Baloji and Filip De Boeck | Baukunst | Andrea Branzi | Buckminster Fuller | Central ofaau with Juliette Simeone and CUMA (La Cambre Horta Faculty of Architecture, ULB Brussels) | common room and Cornelia Escher on Oswald Mathias Ungers | Maxime Delvaux | Élodie Degavre on Jean Englebert, Paul Petit, Lucien and Simone Kroll | Arnaud Depeyre | Theo De Meyer | Nicolas Dorval-Bory | Kris De Decker with Marie Otsuka, Roel Roscam Abbing and Marie Verdeil | Global Tools | Alice Grégoire, Éléonore Morand and Atelier du Désert (P45 Versailles) on André Ravéreau | Index-aR | Kuehn Malvezzi | Lucie Lanzini | L’Atelier Paysan | LIST with Hideyuki Nakayama and Bollinger + Grohmann | Jonas Løland | Thomas Min and Egon Van Herreweghe | MLAV.LAND | Félix Meilleur Roy and Capucine Rombi | Alexandre Monnin | Nicolas Nova | Frei Otto | Alice Paris on Osamu Ishiyama | Victor Petit | Julien Prévieux | Cedric Price | Stijn Colon | Lionel Devlieger, Aude-Line Dulière with Arne Vande Capelle Robbe Van der Mynsbrugge, James Westcott and Rotor on Marcel Raymaekers | Sujets Objets and Pauls Rietums | Superstudio | Felix Trombe | Truant School | Truwant + Rodet + | Yositika Utida, Shu-Koh-Sha Architectural and Urban Design Studio.




Accattone explores minor practices in art and architecture through the specific means of the printed magazine. As an exhibition on paper, each issue is a montage of contributions whose shared positions towards reality, history and representation resonate with one another

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