1000 Words / 10 Years 2008-2018

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  • 1000 Words 10 Year anniversary print edition – the respected online photography magazine goes into print.


    1000 Words is a leading online contemporary photography magazine. It commissions and publishes exhibition and photo book reviews, essays and interviews in response to the visual culture of our present moment. Founded by Tim Clark in 2008, the editorial commitment has always been to explore the possibilities for the medium whilst stimulating debate around current modes of practice, discourses and theory internationally. Released quarterly, it attracts an average of 140,000 unique visitors from more than 120 countries every month. 1000 Words was also nominated as Photography Magazine of the Year at the Lucie Awards in 2014 and 2016. 1000 Words recently ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to support the 10 year anniversary print edition, which was first released October 2018.

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