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Archetypes, Atmosphere, Attitude: HUGO COMTE shoots KRIS GRIKAITE for 032c Issue #38


Photographer HUGO COMTE shot KRIS GRIKAITE in Paris for the new 032c Issue #38 (Winter 2020/2021), casting the Russian-Lithuanian industry top in a variety of roles for a series of evocative vignettes. Each character represents a facet of Grikaite’s own persona, Comte explains, while exploring feminine archetypes within backdrops reminiscent of familiar narratives both fictional and lived, from the romantic tales we absorb in our youth to representational paradigms of adolescence and coming of age. Styled by 032c fashion director MARC GOEHRING, Comte’s second time behind the lens for a 032c cover feature follows his gothic portrait of IRINA SHAYK for Issue #36 (Summer 2019). This edition’s lyrical and sometimes disquieting story expands upon a repertoire that has landed the image-maker collaborations with Dua Lipa, campaigns for brands such as Burberry, and an epic editorials for such publications as Italian Vogue, among other projects spanning fashion, music, and culture. Comte has a known penchant for high-gloss 1990s fashion photo classicism, which he blends with dark Renaissance chiaroscuro and Stanley Kubrick realism for a history-steeped yet futuristic style that have led some in the industry to refer to his work as “generation-defining.” As we launched the latest issue of 032c, we asked him how he felt about this (for now) unofficial moniker.


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