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RR meets NOMAS | launch

Reading Room is happy to host the launch of the new issue of NOMAS magazine, entirely dedicated to Milano!

"There are pigeons overhead, so do be careful. You cannot roam the world’s fashion capital with a stained overcoat. Nomas 17 ventures deep into Milan’s pulsing heart. It speaks to the Milanese people, fashion icons, gallerists, designers, writers and photographers. It has the sound of roaring Ferrari cars, of pitching Operas, of clacking high-heels on marble floors and ringing golden neckless-chains. Nomas Milano is fast-paced, well-laced, slick and clean-cut, but with an underground roughness, for a coin always has three sides. In collaboration with the explosive designers of TOILETPAPER magazine and the creative direction of Karlopoulos & Associates, tie your scarves with a proper Milanese loop, order your afternoon aperitivo, and join us while we peer through Milan’s closed doors to glimpse at its hidden beauty."

The event sees the participation of the editors in chief Yannis Bournias and Lina Stefanou.

Saturday 14 January 6pm - Launch & Drink - Facebook event

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