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RR meets Booklook | talk

Reading Room meets Booklook

Conversation with Alessandra Varisco & Anouk Beckers about Booklook - wearable fashion magazine issue 2: Booklook Shirt - Fragments of DIY stories.

Launch & Talk - Saturday 13 May at 5 pm

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Booklook is a research project by designer Anouk Beckers and fuses the fashion magazine with the garment, resulting in a series of wearable fashion magazines.

Issue 2 - Booklook Shirt carries the essay Fragments of DIY stories, about do-it-yourself practices in fashion, by researcher Alessandra Varisco.

This issue is designed She Keeps Her Shears Sharp by Lejla Vala Verheus and Mika Perlmutter.

To merge reading with doing, the object also includes crochet patterns, developed and designed SKHSS. On the photo you see a special crochet edition made by Mika Perlmutter.

As the reader and wearer of this issue, you are invited to use the patterns to modify the design of this garment-magazine through crocheting yourself.

This publication also carries the prologue Booklook – Wearing is Publishing is Reading, written by Femke de Vries. This text is published in Arabic, Chinese, English and Spanish.


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