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Printing Fashion

Reading Room joins Printing Fashion with a video-message to the roundtable ‘Thinking through the Magazine’ with Mica Gherghescu and Marco Pecorari and a contribution to the exhibition ‘Printed Dialogues’ at Mad Paris.

MA in Fashion Studies at The New School Parsons Paris organises the second edition of the Festival ‘Printing Fashion’ in collaboration with the MAD Paris. ‘Printing Fashion’ creates in Paris an independent space for discussion for practitioners, critics, academics to explore the contemporary role and value of fashion media via the specific lens of printed publications. This second edition hosts different round-tables and master-classes exploring the theme of time. The discussions will investigate issues of production, distribution, recycling and discharge of fashion publications; the ephemeral nature of editorial projects; the times and spaces of fashion criticism and shows’ reports; the role of magazines in archives and museums and finally the magazine as a platform for thought.

On the occasion of the Festival, the exhibition Printed Dialogues (6 – 16 March 2020) will be opened at the Bibliothèque MAD.

Reading Room and Diktats Bookstore have been invited by the Parsons MA Fashion Studies to enter into a dialogue on the issue of time in publications. For the exhibition, Reading Room and Diktats have developed a discussion, a dialogue on time as a conceptual prism to look at the production and consumption of magazines; their capacity to incarnate the present; and their intrinsic ephemerality. This dialogue presents five different themes that rethink the printed matter as memory, as document, as fashion, as news, as future/progress/technology. Around these themes, visitors are invited to consult contemporary independent magazines, selected by Reading Room, and historical publications, selected by Diktats. These temporal dialogues aim to reflect on the recurrent urgencies of magazines, problems of creative labour, the cyclic return of topics in magazines.

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