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Periodica Ossessione #21 | Kirsten Algera & Ernst van der Hoeven (MacGuffin)

Periodica Ossessione #21 - Reading Room x Radio Raheem

in conversation with Kirsten Algera e Ernst van der Hoeven (MacGuffin)


Haley Hendrickx - The Bugcollector

by contributor Scheltens Abbenes

The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds

by contributor Eliot Haworth

“This song is heavily connected to rugs for me. It's a second-hand memory or a non-memory that I’ve inherited from my dad. When I was a baby my dad would put this record on, lie down on the rug of the floor of the living room with me, and we would stay there listening and looking at the ceiling or out of the window. I was too young to remember any of that but this song always carries a feeling of wanting to stop whatever I’m doing, lie down on the floor and just listen, along with a projected false image where I’m looking down from quite high up at my young dad and an even younger me having a chill out moment on the carpet.”

Carole King - Tapestry

by contributor Scheltens Abbenes

Barry Hughes - Ik Wil Op M'n Kop Een Kamerbreed Tapijt

by contributor Scheltens Abbenes

Emel Mathlothi - My Word is Free (Kelmti Horra)

by contributor Palestinian designer


The Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize [LISTEN]

by contributor Kitty Drake


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