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Borshch #4 | Launch

Reading Room presents BORSHCH #4

Borshch is a biannual print magazine on electronic music on and beyond the dancefloor. Through comprehensive interviews, essays, artist profiles and special editorial content the magazine provoke open dialogues about making, listening and dancing to music. Since the third edition, each issue speculates on a specific topic in the process of electronic musicians and questions established views in the club culture. The magazine does not hesitate to drop an edgy question even if the answer does not seem to be there yet.

Since the start in 2017, Borshch has released four issues and featured artists such as Jeff Mills, Fatima Al Qadiri, Robert Henke, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Gudrun Gut, and Aisha Devi, among others.

The latest issue themed as Sound Mind explores the power of music to reach the darkest corners of the psyche and drive out an unquiet spirit, to purge, transform, heal, and enlighten. This issue provokes openness and intimate conversations to remind ourselves of the transformative power of music and underground communities and to rediscover empathy.

Talk by Mariana Berezovska and Tiago Biscaia, founders of BORSHCH, moderated by Federico Genna (DOGS Milan)


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